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Whether you train for a day or a lifetime, our priority is to arm you with effective, lasting skills that may even save a life – all while having a fantastic time in an ego-free environment.
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Good martial arts are built on principles, not fitness. While some degree of fitness is helpful in self-defence, we naturally instil fitness through classes regardless of your personal level.
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Our instructors have decades of combined experience to help you achieve any goal you may have and always make it a point to constantly update their skills by seeking out the best teachers in the world.
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Just a couple minutes off the M2 and A2, our martial arts classes are accessible by car or foot right in the heart of both Gravesend and Rochester with abundant free parking.

World-class self defence close to you.

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Instructors Dave and Nick give you a sneak preview into their training and lives to celebrate their love of all things combat and fitness.

Eased In

  • Anyone can learn
  • Fitness guidance
  • Train at any fitness level

Beginner/Advanced Curriculums

  • Realistic defence system
  • A modern martial art
  • Weapons/scenario training (adults)

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  • Fully geared and insured
  • Private tuition available
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Reliable Self Defence

Martial Art and Fitness teaches a realistic form of self defence with no sporting element. You will be taught how to respond effectively and stay in control at all times before and especially during an unavoidable altercation.

A Proven Record

Our instructors have extensive experience teaching kids, parents and experienced martial artists from around the world. Both instructors have over a decade of experience so our students are in good hands.

How Fit Are You?

It doesn’t matter! As long as you want to improve and be the best, empowered version of yourself then we have the experience, means and ego-free environment to excel your progress.


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Which Martial Arts?

A realistic form of self defence is about principles. If the time ever came that it would be necessary to defend yourself, would you rather recall 1000 moves or 1? Whether it’s weapons, aggressors or a forming altercation, we teach PRINCIPLES that give you the best chance of being safe.