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Add some style to your WingTsun wardrobe


Trainers to customise your style.


Available from: WWW.NIKE.COM


Varies according to which style of trainer you choose.

In most Martial Arts schools each person will wear a uniform. ‘Uniform’ can mean: identical or consistent, without variation in detail. This means there are not many ways a person can individualise their style or look in martial arts. Luckily for us NIKE has come to our aid by giving us NIKE ID. NIKE ID is a service that allows you to customise your performance, fine tune your fit, and represent your style. WingTsun Instructors and students can now add letters and numbers to their trainers to truly stand out from the crowd.

Depending on what trainer you choose will determine what personalisation options are open to you. The typical parts of the trainer that allow customisation are: base, underlay, heel accent, swoosh, lining, lace, midsole, outsole, and the ID itself. The first 8 choices allow you to completely customise the colours and look you want for your footwear. The ID placement can vary, for example it can be found on the tongue or even on the heel. You can choose to write your chosen Martial Art, your name, rank, title, or whatever your imagination can muster, the possibilities are endless. Over the years we have used various terms such as EWTO, WingTsun, DW3TG, NW3TG etc…

I have purposefully stayed away from reviewing the trainer itself because I am not a ‘sneakerhead’ and couldn’t honestly tell you how a trainer should fit or feel. So I would recommend visiting a NIKE store and trying the store version on before going away and redesigning it. What I can tell you is my brother and I have always been pleased with the final results of our designs and I’m sure our latest trainers won’t be our last! NIKE ID has produced multiple trainers capable of customising your style and has done it brilliantly. These trainers look good and go a long way in setting you apart from the masses. So get a step ahead of your classmates and start designing your own WingTsun / EWTO trainer today!


Take the ‘wet test’. This test is a simple way of discovering what foot type you have, be it normal, high arches, or low flat arches. If you are planning on spending a lot of time in your footwear then it makes sense to choose your trainer according to your foot type. Research the wet test on the internet and watch your comfort and stability grow.

…Oh and one last thing…When you walk into class with your new trainers there will always be that one student or instructor who is hell bent on Christening them (stamping on them in other words) so make sure your Chi Gerk, counter kicking, and evasive footwork steps are up to scratch.

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