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Author: Dave Warren

Summary Grab a ticket to the gun show, introducing Cold Steel’s 1911 training pistol. Information Available from: WWW.COLDSTEEL-UK.COM Price £26.40 (price correct as of 06/08/15) Introduction Firearm control in the […]
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Summary A training knife that will be felt but not seen. Please check out the video at the end of this blog to see the knife in action! Information Available […]
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Summary Focus pads that can record the quantity and speed of your strikes. Information Available from: WWW.IMPTEC.CO.UK Price £139.99 (price correct as of 16/02/15) Introduction In all our classes we […]
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Summary Trainers to customise your style. Information Available from: WWW.NIKE.COM Price Varies according to which style of trainer you choose. Introduction In most Martial Arts schools each person will wear […]
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Summary Article on EWTO World by fashion giant, Base. This week we were lucky enough to have an article written about us by none other than the fashion giant, Base […]
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Summary There are few better trainers in the world than this stylish and durable Extrema Ratio blade. Information Available from WWW.COLTELLERIACOLLINI.COM Price €35.50 (price correct as of 20/12/14) Introduction Okay, […]
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Summary Super soft, comfortable, and easy to adjust. This protective neck brace will benefit students of all grades but especially those learning BiuTze. Information Available from WWW.EWTO-SHOP.DE Price €30.00 (price […]
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Summary As close to a portable BOB (Body Opponent Bag) as you can get. Information Available from WWW.IMPACTHEAD.COM Price $69.95 (price correct as of 09/10/14) this does not include shipping. […]
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