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EWTO Neck Brace


Super soft, comfortable, and easy to adjust. This protective neck brace will benefit students of all grades but especially those learning BiuTze.


Available from WWW.EWTO-SHOP.DE


€30.00 (price correct as of 06/10/14) this item can only be ordered by EWTO members

Now we must confess to being obsessed with collecting anything Wing Tsun-related so when this product came out a few years ago we just couldn’t resist buying two. Although we are not fortunate enough to own a training suit like RedMan produce, we have accumulated various bodily protection over the years and finally complete our collection with this brace.

Surprisingly the first thing we noticed about this brace was how comfortable it is to wear. The brace measures approximately 53cm’s in length (not including the Velcro adjustable strap) and 8 cm’s in height. The brace is really simple to put on and take off. The thickness of the brace is designed to mitigate the effects of frontal and lateral blows to the neck.

The EWTO have produced an amazing product which is snug, comfortable to wear, and long lasting. Our braces are a few years old and there are no signs of it breaking.
Injuries can happen during training so it is important to take the necessary steps to protect your training partner just as much as yourself. For those students who are learning BiuTze and the wooden dummy this tool is a really useful way to supplement your training and allow careful and precise strikes to the neck.
The neck is a very vulnerable body part and striking this area too hard can lead to a loss of consciousness or even death. You should never practice your strikes with power to the neck even if you are wearing this EWTO neck brace.


If you want to practice strikes with full power to the neck then we recommend you check out our other post featuring The Impact Head.

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