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Impact Head


As close to a portable BOB (Body Opponent Bag) as you can get.




$69.95 (price correct as of 09/10/14) this does not include shipping.

We are big fans of utilising focus pads in our classes and when we saw this product we had a friend make the long drive from New York to deliver this to us where we were on holiday in Miami, USA. I’m sure some of you will think: focus pads have been around for decades so why change? The impact head is unique as it offers realism and allows the student to target specific areas on a head such as the eyes, ears, nose, chin, neck and throat. This type of training will improve a student’s accuracy and allow them to practice strikes which are not possible on a flat or curved focus pad. We found the impact head perfect for practising strikes such as the Chuen Kiu (piercing arms) from the Chum Kiu or the Chang Sau (spade hand) from Biu Tze.

The impact head is a three dimensional replica of a human head. The head has a vertical handle placed on the inside at the rear of the head which is held by the teacher or student. The outer core of the impact head is made from polyurethane which is a durable dense compressed foam material. The inner core is comprised of high impact flexible material which offers quality and longevity. The impact head comes with instructions and has a safety warning on its base.

Some martial artists believe that if you constantly pull your punches in training then this is what you will do on the street. The impact head has the look and feel of a real attacker and will allow you to perform every type of strike without pulling your techniques. The impact head is well made and has stood years of abuse and only has scuff marks to show for it. Focus pads have some advantages like being able to meet the punchers force which is difficult to do when using the impact head. So will it replace the focus pad? In our opinion, no but it is the perfect companion to any training session involving pads.


Use the impact head to simulate an enemy bobbing, weaving, or ducking. For example if an enemy ducked your attack and presented the crown of their head then you should not strike that hard area but consider employing the Chau Chong Kuen (lifting punch) from the Chum Kiu.

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