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Dave Warren


dave warren martial art and fitness co-head instructor


Dave has been involved in Martial Arts for well over a decade and remains a passionate practitioner, always searching for improvement in his own skill and his teaching.


Dave currently works for the emergency services and prides his teaching on contextualising all movements and relating them to UK law. Dave is always searching for ways to improve their method with function being the most important factor.
Self Defence Application
Teaching Experience
“Every student deserves the benefits that come with the pursuit of self-defence.”

DAVE WARREN, Co-Head Instructor
‘MAAF’ Martial Art and Fitness School


Hi, my name is David Warren and I am the Co-head instructor here at the School of Martial Art and Fitness or ‘MAAF’. I have been training Wing Tsun Kung Fu (aka Wing Chun) for many years directly under some of the best instructors across the country and Europe. Since the age of 5 onwards I have studied Karate, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu before finding my passion and love for Wing Tsun.

In my day job I work for the emergency services and work alongside a diverse community. I enjoy working with people of all genders, age, race and backgrounds and teaching Martial Arts allows me to continue working with others and share my passion and appreciation for the art of Kung Fu. Wing Tsun has taught me the physical skills needed to defend myself in any given scenario. It has taught invaluable lessons in personal safety, awareness, avoidance, and attack rituals. Wing Tsun has also cultivated me as a human being. As a result I have more confidence, discipline, respect and focus…and this is to name a few.

Now as an instructor I want to show that Martial Arts is for everybody and use Wing Tsun as the vehicle to give you the courage and confidence to change any aspect of your life that you’re unhappy with, or to build upon and increase the happiness you already feel. I want you to learn in a fun and friendly environment. It’s about personal development and allowing us to create well rounded people as well as martial artists. So whether you’re a man, woman, or child, whatever your goal is, we are here, when you are willing.


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