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Nick Warren


nick warren martial art and fitness co-head instructor


Nick has been training for over 10 years and is still as passionate as the day he started, pushing himself in every aspect of martial arts and fitness. Nick is now a qualified personal trainer and online coach as well as a high level martial arts instructor.


Nick is a full time martial arts instructor and level 3 personal trainer as well as having online clients.
Teaching Experience
Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer
Online Coach
Qualified Circuit Instructor
Qualified Outdoor Fitness Instructor
“It’s not how good we are; it’s how good we can make you.”

NICK WARREN, Co-Head Instructor
‘MAAF’ Martial Art and Fitness School


HI, I am Nick Warren Co Head instructor for the Martial Art and Fitness School now running in Medway and Gravesend. I have been training WingTsun for many years now and I am currently training towards my 4th higher grade.
This is not the first time I have instructed WingTsun as a couple of years ago I used to be the kids’ assistant instructor for the classes of my instructor Master Damion James, now head co-ordinator of the EWTO in England. The classes used to run twice a week and consisted of a “little dragons” class and a junior class. Unfortunately, I had to stop this due to leaving college and needing a full time occupation, this lead to me to finding a job in a children’s high end designer fashion store, so any tips on kids clothes I’m your guy! A couple of years on and we have our own adult classes up and running with a view to reopen a kid’s class in the very near future, or by the time you have read this the kids classes may well be up and running. Please check our site for further information.

Now, I don’t have such a wide range of martial arts experience when it comes to learning other styles but I don’t see this as negative thing in the slightest, I feel I am lucky to have only tried a few different styles before finding WingTsun and instantly knowing it was the one for me, I have had a couple of boxing lessons and been to a couple of MMA classes and as much as I enjoyed these styles it wasn’t exactly what I was searching for. I have always been interested in the styles that look at self-defence from a reality point of view and for me, WingTsun does exactly that. Having said that, I like to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to help keep me active and for the enjoyment. I also like to lead a very healthy lifestyle and take my nutrition and gym very seriously. As for the future I hope to obtain my 4th higher grade and dedicate my time into being a full time instructor – helping others learn self-defence, get fitter, and live a more enjoyable life.

Hope to see you soon, yes that is you the one reading this right now, we are here and ready as soon as you are. The next step is the hardest; it’s all worthwhile after that.


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